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Positive Reinforcement Training

Paradise Unleashed Guam offers professional dog training services and is proud to be the island's first and only provider of positive reinforcement training. PUG's mission is to leverage the power of human/dog relationships and to help dogs thrive within families across the island.   Programs are tailor-made to suit your dog's breed, age, health, and personality


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Our Story

Dog Walk

Paradise Unleashed Guam is committed to staying on the cutting edge of animal behavioral science. Training programs are designed to set you and your dog up for success. PUG's approach minimizes opportunities for errors, develops good communication skills, and focuses on teaching your pup behaviors that result in a harmonious life for you and your family. PUG offers a range of private and group classes to fit your specific needs, with qualified trainers ready to help you achieve your goals. 


Maite is a behavioral science enthusiast and an advocate for the humane treatment of animals; she proudly dedicates her spare time as a volunteer trainer for a local rescue. Her passion for animal welfare and relationship building inspired her to establish PUG, Guam's first and only provider of Force-Free, Positive Reinforcement Training.  In 2021, Maite fell in love with and adopted her two foster boonies, Joni and Stevie. In an effort to better understand their needs, she has taught them to communicate using talking buttons. Their hilarious and poignant conversations are portrayed on social media's "Boonies in Paradise", and will leave you wondering "What would my dog say?".

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