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Paradise Unleashed Guam (PUG) offers training programs to fit the need of every dog.  The "Isla Puppy" program focuses on socialization and manners.  Our "Paradise Scholar" program is a great option for dogs older than four months; it's a comprehensive course that covers a diverse range of essential topics.  Specialty programs are available for Clicker Training, Recall (coming when called), Behavior Modification (for dogs suffering from fearfulness, reactivity, or anxiety), and more!   Browse PUG's courses to find the right program for your pup.  


Paradise Scholar

Our flagship program is a comprehensive course designed to fulfill the desires of every dog/human team.  This is a great choice for guardians  seeking to enhance communication, build trust, and enjoy new freedoms with their furry companions.  These goals are achieved by using positive, evidence-based behavioral training. This program is tailored to your individual dog's needs. Listed below are some of the skills taught in our Paradise Scholar program.

  • Leash Training/Loose leash walking

  • Clicker training

  • Recall (Come when called)

  • Reactivity (barking, lunging) management

  • Enrichment activities 

  • Body Language (understanding your dog)

  • Essential cues (sit, stay, leave it, etc...)

  • And more!

Packages from $399-$739 for 4, 6, or 8 sessions


Isla Puppy

The ultimate way to prepare your 8 - 16 week old puppy to succeed in a demanding human world.  This program heavily  focuses on developing healthy habits and building the puppy's tolerance to life's surprises.  The Isla Puppy lessons include -

  • House Training

  • Sit/Stay/Leave it/Lay Down

  • Settling in crate/bed

  • Leash Walking

  • Socialization

  • Preparation for handling (grooming, vets)

  • And more!

This program offers a safe environment for socialization, which is a critical component for raising a dog that is comfortable with new experiences, people, and animals. 


Ask an Expert

Virtual Session

Get expert advice from the comfort of your home.  Virtual sessions are a great economical option for help with house training, enrichment planning, and for tackling some common behavioral problems.. 

Not sure if virtual sessions are right for you?  We can help!  Book a free consultation and we'll help you find the best training options for your family's needs. 

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